New carnival among the highlights of 2021 Jefferson County Fair

FAIRBURY, NE — Organizers of the Jefferson County Fair are aiming for the perfect mix of introducing new attractions and bringing back old favorites.

The fair started Wednesday and exhibitors dodged rain while checking in livestock. The dog show continued on under a shelter. The newest feature stood still on the midway waiting for Thursday to spring to life. Gary Moore Amusements is providing the carnival.

“We have a new and improved (carnival)," Fair Board member Thomas Dux said. "Hopefully everybody is going to really enjoy that. I know just walking a little bit on the midway, it looks like we’ve got some really good rides, we have some new rides this year."

Fair Board Member Thomas Dux says the board listens to community feedback each year and the carnival was at the top of the list for changes.

Dux is excited to shed the pandemic restrictions of last year’s fair. Participants can keep animals stalled overnight and the merchants and 4H buildings are open to the public.

“All of those are going to stay," Dux said. "People are going to be able to come and just walk around and see all the hard work that the youth put into their projects throughout the fair.”

Dux says there’s lots of hard work behind the scenes to pull off a county fair. He says the board works year-round and hires youth over the summer to keep buildings in shape.

“Painting, washing things out, getting things together so people can come down and have a nice, safe and positive experience at the Jefferson County Fair,” Dux said.

The fair lasts through Sunday and finishes off with a parade through town.

USAC Midget Nationals Racing events are on Friday and Saturday nights. We will have a full preview of the races tomorrow.