Nelnet’s new Sidney office focuses on modern, hybrid work environment

SIDNEY, NE — Nelnet’s new office in Sidney took the idea of modern and ran with it.

“I think it goes to show that we’re here we’re part of the community. It’s nice to have a physical space to gather again,” Nelnet Development Manager Cory Keen said.

From 3D printers to desks that raise and lower themselves, the space is home to some of the latest technology. The only outdated computer is an old Mac. Keen says it’s just there for fun.

The tech isn’t the only modernization for Nelnet. The company is embracing a hybrid work philosophy for Sidney after the pandemic. The office has a hoteling space. It allows employees to work from home or in the office when needed for larger projects.

“They just treat it like a miniature hotel where they can come in and out of the office as they please, you know, if there’s a demanding meeting day or they need good internet to get some development work," Keen said.

Allowing people to split time between working from home and the office eliminates size limitations of the office. It means Nelnet can hire more people to work in Sidney. In fact, the company just had a hiring event in town last week.

“The leadership at the highest levels are bought into Sidney, looking to capture the great talent that we have here in town," Keen said.

Nelnet began hiring people in Sidney over a year ago. Keen says having a physical presence in the town reaffirms the company’s commitment to the city.

“We tried to use all local talent to open the office and we did, which was wonderful," he said. "The community is great and has supported us well throughout the journey of the last year, year-and-a-half.”