Nebraska Vietnam War memorial raises over $1,000,000 before Vietnam Memorial Day

March 29th marks the day when the last of the U.S. troops pulled out of Vietnam

Since 2017, that date was recognized asĀ National Vietnam War Veterans Day

The United States Marine Corps describes it as a day when we show our deep gratitude to the generation who served in-country, in-theatre, or elsewhere during the Vietnam war period.

It was established to honor the six millionĀ U.S. Vietnam War Veterans who are alive today.

And a new Veterans Memorial in Nebraska is also looking to honor those who served.

"We honor the memory of the nearly 60,000 Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice, 396 of the were Nebraskans," said Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

A veteran's group is planning a massive memorial project for those Nebraskans who served.

Just south of Omaha, Over $1,000,000 has been raised by the Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation to build a site that will be reminiscent of the one in Washington D.C.

While the memorial project may be a few years off yet, Governor Ricketts says as little as greeting and thanking your local veteran still goes a long way.

"We owe our veterans our deepest gratitude for all they have done to protect us, to protect our families, and to protect our way of life," Ricketts said.