Nebraska universities requiring students to get COVID-19 vaccine

CRETE, Neb. - Doane University, Nebraska Wesleyan University and Creighton University will require students to get the COVID-19 vaccination before returning to class this fall.

Doane University President Dr. Roger Hughes said the decision was made to combat the highly contagious Delta variant.

“We recognize there are members of our family who take issue with the decision - we fully respect the various points of view. For those who are uncomfortable with getting vaccinated, we have structured selective exemptions and extensions.”

Students have the option to seek an exemption from the vaccination requirement due to medical or religious reasons. Requests will be reviewed by the university’s offices of student health and student experience.

Students who do request an exemption or extension will be required to receive routine COVID-19 testing, and participate in a 10-day quarantine per CDC guidelines if a test returns positive.

Employees will not be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The University reports 82 percent of employees have received the vaccine.

Classes on the Crete campus begin August 16. According to Doane University’s vaccine FAQ page, students will need to get their second dose of the vaccine by Sept. 9.

Hundreds of colleges and universities are adding the COVID-19 vaccine as a requirement to return this fall, but Doane University is the first in Nebraska.