Nebraska TV viewers get a boost from South African technology

OMAHA -- TV viewers will be benefiting from a project done in Omaha this past weekend.

Paul Schutte is a mechanical engineer from South Africa. He says in another continent, another decade ago, he became interested in studying television wave patterns.

At the time (2007), many viewers were not getting signal, or signal was being broadcast to a remote area rather than where urban life and viewers were. 

"That was a really challenging stage," he said, remarking on the fact that they didn't have modern drones yet, either. So, the company propped their equipment onto small helicopters (much like modern drones) which collected literally millions of data points about the signal being transmitted from the antenna. 

"It's really, it's spectacular," Schutte, Flight Operations Manager at LS Telecom said of his work. He's personally shared the project with 50 stations across many nations -- including two over the last weekend in Omaha; KPTM and KXVO. 

Schutte said he would love to be able to travel and share this technology with other countries.