Nebraska hosts largest LEGO Expo in Midwest

OMAHA, Neb. - Millions of LEGO pieces from all parts of the country are coming to Nebraska.

Brick Days returns to Omaha Friday and Saturday. COVID-19 forced the LEGO expo to close last summer.

Lego fans encourage everyone to pick up a piece and try it out.

"I feel like a lot of people look at LEGO and think 'oh that's just a kid's toy you can't do anything exciting with these little plastic bricks,'" said Alex Culp, a Brick Days participant from Columbus. "That's just completely wrong. You can do incredible things with it."

The family-friendly event features 15,000 square feet of custom creations, games, and interactive activities, all built from LEGO bricks by LEGO enthusiasts from across the Midwest.

The occasion was canceled last year, so fans are looking forward to the activities including a mosaic wall, play brick table, LEGO graffiti wall, and bingo.

Bricks days are Saturday and Sunday at the Mid-America Center.