Nebraska gubernatorial candidates take stances against Critical Race Theory

NEBRASKA CITY - Two candidates seeking the Republican nomination for governor are taking stances against an academic idea that racism is not merely the product of individual bias, but is embedded in the legal system and government policies.

The tenets of Critical Race Theory have been banned by lawmakers in Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma and Tennessee and are opposed by Gov. Pete Ricketts. In June, Ricketts called Critical Race Theory an attack on America's values. He encouraged Nebraskans to work with school boards to ban teaching of the theory.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen introduced a resolution before the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Board of Regents condemning the teaching of Critical Race Theory on Nebraska campuses.

In a press release, Pillen said Critical Race Theory is factually and morally wrong.

Republican candidate Charles Herbster issued a statement in June pledging to keep Critical Race Theory out of Nebraska schools.

Herbster: “Playing politics with our children is not the Nebraska way.”

Herbster and Pillen signed the 1776 Action Pledge, which commits candidates to promoting patriotic civics education while opposing curriculum and school policies that pit students against each other on the basis of race or sex.

Herbster pledges to restore truthful, patriotic education back in Nebraska schools.

Breland Ridenour is also seeking the Republican nomination for governor.

Here is the resolution offered by Pillen, a member of the Board of Regents.

Whereas the campus and facilities of a university are places for open reflection, discussion, study, research, and learning; and 

Whereas America is the best country in the world and anyone can achieve the American Dream here; and 

Whereas education, free speech, and sound learning are the keys to freedom and opportunity in this country; and 

Whereas we oppose discrimination in any form; and

Whereas Critical Race Theory does not promote inclusive and honest dialogue and education on campus; and 

Whereas Critical Race Theory proponents seek to silence opposing views and disparage important American ideals;

 Be it resolved that the Regents of the University of Nebraska oppose any imposition of Critical Race Theory in curriculum