Nebraska GOP answers Palmtag’s claims of an attack on her reputation

NEBRASKA CITY – The Nebraska Republican Party has filed an answer to allegations in a lawsuit filed by a Republican candidate for state Legislature last year.

Janet Palmtag of Nebraska City sued the state party claiming the GOP made “reckless, intentional and false statements” to smear her reputation and integrity.

Palmtag lost to fellow Republican Julie Slama, who was heavily backed by the state GOP.

The Republican Party’s answer says they maintain the truthfulness of campaign material and deny any actual malice toward Palmtag.

The party says Palmtag was a public figure and mailers are protected speech on a matter of public concern.

In a 10-page lawsuit, attorney David Domina claims statements were made to “foment distrust and hatred against Mrs. Palmtag.”

Palmtag’s lawsuit is seeking a judgment of at least $500,000. The state GOP says Palmtag's claims of losses are unprovable.