Nebraska fireworks stores and stands keep busy, but look for more from future laws

DENTON, Ne. -- Nebraska’s fireworks stands are keeping busy after popular fireworks were made legal in the Cornhusker state.

Kirk Myers is the owner of Kracklin' Kirk’s fireworks, which operates all across the eastern half of the state.

"We will have more business being able to now sell rockets and night time parachutes," Myers said. "Rockets being the big one."

With this increased demand, Myers’ stores have stayed busy, trying to get as much product as they can, as quickly as they can.

"Busy has been supply chain issues, shipping, distribution," Myers said. "We've had product that's still in China we've been trying to get shipped out since April."

Myers explained that even though they only cost about $8 for 144 small rockets, and $40 for bigger ones, bottle rockets can increase sales by up to 10%-15%. However, those selling fireworks, like Myers, believe business could be better if Nebraska adopted legislation similar to Missouri.

"They have Sec. 320 in their law and that allows for a similar selling period for state residents, we have a 10 day window from June 25-July 4, and Missouri has similar periods for their in state residents," Myers said. "But, the rest of the year, is open to sales of fireworks, as long as they're shot out of state."

Myers explained that his Grand island location occasionally draws customers from Colorado, but new laws could bring in out of stater’s year round. To Myers, it’s a matter of simple dollars and cents. More of it, for Nebraska’s economy.

"That revenue is out-of-state customers," Myers said. "It's state tax revenue from people not living in the state. And that would be a huge increase in sales."

Firework sales are open now and will remain open until midnight on July 4.