Nebraska DHHS hopes to spread information about COVID-19 vaccines

NEBRASKA -- The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is undertaking an effort to increase awareness about the COVID-19 vaccines to get more Nebraskans vaccinated.

"We believe the vaccine effort here in Nebraska is going quite well," Nebraska DHHS CEO Dannette Smith said. "Approximately 49% of Nebraskans have been vaccinated and we have another 4% have had at least one shot. What we want to provide those persons who have not been vaccinated with as much information as possible.

Smith hopes Nebraskans who aren't sure about taking the vaccine receive the right information, which is she says can be found on the Nebraska DHHS website.

"I know that there is information that gives a variety of different views and we get that and we understand that," Smith said. "On our website, we have the best information that allows make a good decision for yourself, but also for your community. We want our Nebraskans to be well informed, well educated so they can make the right decision for themselves and certainly for their community."

DHHS has also been doing its best to spread information about the delta variants of COVID-19. With how fast variants spread and as researchers learn Smith says the Nebraska DHHS is monitoring information around the clock to ensure any new information can be shared, or change in approach can be made. 

Other points made in her interview were that vaccines are completely free to the community and are coordinated through local health departments across the state. Smith again hopes those who are unsure about being vaccinated visit the Nebraska DHHS website to learn more about the process and as a source to answer any questions an individual may have.