Nebraska City shares The Dream Switch with Spanish language translation

NEBRASKA CITY – The Dream Switch concert at Nebraska City this weekend was the first to include a Spanish-language interpretation.

The dual-language lyrics depict a narrative of a young person leaving the state before learning she could achieve her honorable goals right in her hometown.


The Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund asked Andrea Hincapie of the Heartland Workers Center at Nebraska City to participate and translate the message.

Hincpapie: “The Dream Switch wants to grow out the community so we come together with the Latino community so the Latino community can understand the concert today.”

Doug Friedli of the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund said the Heartland Workers Center is a great partner for the community.

Friedli: “We’re so anxious and happy to be able to work with them and be an entire community and communicate.”


Jeff Yost,  president of the Nebraska Community Foundation, said The Dream Switch is a tool for economic development.

Yost: “The Dream Switch is an opportunity to help us change the narrative about where young people’s honorable futures exist.”

Yost: “The only people who can build a community are the people who live and work in it, so our role is really to support people and initiate conversations about what is possible.”



The Dream Switch was held at Ord and Auburn before the pandemic and playwright Becky Boesen of Blixt Locally Grown said Nebraska City is a great setting for the new season.

Boesen: “I think Nebraska City continually, in spirit, offers this invitation that anything is possible. The pride of place, the way you see innovative buildings popping up, the tourism here, the ability to feel like you’re at home on main street or at an exotic vacation out at Lied Lodge. There’s just a little bit of everything that makes Nebraska City special and unique.”


Returner Denise Davis said a positive community discussion followed and the Latino residents in attendance felt welcomed.