Nebraska bowling finds the key to striking national success

LINCOLN -- After a postponed season due to the pandemic, the Nebraska women's bowling team struck national success on April 10, showcasing their reputation for resilience.

The team beat Arkansas State last weekend 4-1, winning 2021 NCAA Women’s Bowling National Championship.
Gwen Maeha said the week was full of ups and downs for her and the team. They had been tired and had a rough time with regionals, but then the morning of the national championship finally got to sleep in.
"Just to know, wow we're here and it's such an amazing feeling to be here," she said. When they won, Gwen says she was in disbelief when they won. 

Her teammate, Kayla Verstraete, said one of the biggest factors that led to this success was diversity and inclusion training which strengthened their bonds through the season and drove them to win.

"I think that set us out from other teams," she said.

Crystal Elliot said for her, the key was physically supporting each other, with things like pats on the back to know that they would make up for each other's mistakes and not have to carry all the responsibility.

This gives Nebraska's athletic department its 29th national championship, in any sport. Coach Paul Klempa said the team's biggest strength, shown at the championship, is its resilience. "We started slow out the gate but then they gained steam and never looked back," he said.

The Huskers have won eight bowling national championships since 1998.

The teammates said they hope to keep this successful record up and set newer members up for the same path. Klempa added he hopes to prepare the newer players for a similar path.