Native American population at its largest in generations

The Native American population has grown to its largest size in generations. 

They now make up nearly three percent of all people living in the United States. 

That's according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 

In 2020, the number of people who identified as Native American and Alaskan Native, and mixed-race with Native American, was nearly ten- million. 

That's up more than 5 million from 2020.

The jump comes after the census bureau reported that American Indians and Alaska Natives were undercounted by about five percent, in the 2010 survey.

Since then, several groups have launched efforts to achieve an accurate count for the 2020 census. 

However, some tribal advocates say it's likely the latest census data is still an undercount, due to some tribal nations closing their borders last year to prevent the spread of COVID-19.