Multiple 911 calls lead to arrest for domestic assault, strangulation

NORFOLK, Neb. – A Norfolk man was arrested on domestic assault and strangulation charges after multiple 911 calls Thursday night.

At 6; 15p.m. Norfolk Police dispatch received a 911 hang up. When dispatch called back, a woman answered the phone and asked for help and then hung up the phone again, according to a press release issued by Norfolk Police.

Officers responded as dispatch attempted to call back. After another call, the female indicated that she had been assaulted and provided the name of a suspect, 29-year-old Jeffrey L. Hoadley, of Norfolk.

When officers arrived on scene, they said they observed a woman on the front porch of the house. A man then reportedly came out of the house.

Officers instructed the man to come off the porch, which he refused. After being instructed to leave the porch a second time, he reportedly stepped down and started to talk to the officers before suddenly running away on foot. He was caught after a short foot pursuit.

He was identified as Hoadley and was arrested for Obstructing a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest. During the investigation, officers noted bruises on the female victim’s face, arms and throat. The victim informed officers that during a previous incident, the suspect had placed his hands around her throat and restricted her breathing. The victim also said that during the scuffle, the suspect struck her in the face.

Hoadley was booked in to the Norfolk City jail for Obstructing a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, Third-Degree Domestic Assault, and Strangulation. He was later transported to the Madison County Jail.