Mr. Hoover sets swift pace for Pioneeer fine arts walk-a-thon

NEBRASKA CITY – High School Principal Brian Hoover appears on pace to walk for 14 hours along Central Avenue in Nebraska City Friday in his walk-a-thon for fine arts.

He was wearing a wool marching band top around mile 14.

Hoover: “I’m feeling pretty good so far, but at my age my body could seize up without notice, so we’ll see how it goes – people have been very supportive.”

The heat may have been getting to him early, however, as Mr. Hoover’s Facebook post declares there are no flat spots in Nebraska City.

Hoover: “I don’t know how it’s possible, considering that I’m starting at the high school parking lot and going Fourth Street and then back, but the majority of this walk is uphill. I never thought that I would experience that gap in reality where it just seems like you are continuously moving uphill.”

Due to his marching band days at Kansas State, Hoover is aware that it takes 22.5 inches to take eight steps five yards.

Julie Kruse said it was a challenge to keep up with Mr. Hoover’s pace over three miles.

Kruse: How’s he doing? “He’s doing good. I have to keep up with him.” Is he tiring at all or do you think he is just hitting his stride? “I think he’s hitting his stride.”

Nebraska City Police Officer Andrew Falk commented on Hoover’s speed.

Office Andrew Falk: “I’m not sure what lap he’s on. He’s trying to cross Steinhart Park Road here. Traffic is being pretty cooperative. He’s perspiring quite a bit, slowing down in his pace. He’s keeping a pretty steady pace though. I think he should be able to make it all day and reach his goal.

“There he goes tearing off another page. Hopefully he throws that in the trash and not on the ground – I don’t want to cite him for littering.

Were you able to capture him on radar?

Falk: “I’ve been trying. He’s an elusive creature. He stays behind the trees enough, it’s hard to get a good read on him. The police department is out here. We’re going to try and make sure we can see how fast he’s going. We don’t want him slacking any.”

Hoover is planning to walk 14 hours and encourages anyone who will donate to contact Melissa Turner of the Fine Arts Boosters or call the high school.