Motorcyclists defend cemetery

COLUMBUS -- A charity team of bikers is protecting the dead. 

"I just hope somebody comes to take care of the place where I'm buried," Kellie Young, a support sister for Sons of Armageddon: BENNU Chapter, said Saturday as she picked up sticks at Streeter Cemetery near Columbus.  

For years, she would see stones stolen and chipped by weather and vandalism whenever she swung by the cemetery for a taste of its pioneer and Civil War history.

One day, Young noticed flyers started to show up at the cemetery, asking for help to care for it. She jumped on it as a charity opportunity for the motorcyclists' nonprofit. 

The team now meets monthly to mow the lawn, kill weeds, pick up debris, and replace headstones. They are also hoping to add cameras and new fencing soon. 

"It's important to me because I come from a line of military men," said the President of the chapter, known simply as 'Dagger.' 

"It's a great project to step up," VP Douglas Gerring, or "Darkside" chimed in. 

There's some county care provided for cemeteries, but still, the brass from the military headstones in Platte County was recently stolen. That's why the Armageddon team is doubling down and asking the public to start helping them too.