Morgan To Retire From SCC

After serving Southeast Community College for the past 31 years, the campus director of the Beatrice Campus of SCC is retiring.  On Tuesday on K-W-B-E’s “Beatrice Today” program, Bob Morgan announced his plans to leave his job in late May.

“An exciting chapter in my life….I have been with the college for 31 years and  May 21st of 2021 I am retiring. That will be my last day on campus. I have to say that working for Southeast Community College for the past 31 years has been an awesome privilege.  But I also understand that there has been a lot of stress with Covid. There have been a lot of things I have had to put aside on my life for the past 31 years with the positions that I have held. So, it’s really time to sit back and reflect over the summer to see if I am going to stay retired or look for a new career”.

Morgan first started working for S-C-C as an instructor. Morgan was working for his father in a clothing store in Aurora, Nebraska when he decided to apply for a teaching position at the Lincoln campus of SCC.

"In Aurora, Nebraska my Dad had a clothing store for some 35 years. The last ten years I took over after I graduated from college. He wanted his retirement money and retail was okay but it wasn’t really what I wanted for my life career and my Mother being an old school teacher saw an ad in the Lincoln Journal Star for an instructor on Southeast Community College Lincoln campus. I applied and ended up getting it. And now, 31 years later I am leaving as the Vice-President."

Over the years Morgan was been instrumental in implementing on-line courses for Southeast Community College. Morgan has served as vice-president of the Beatrice campus since 2009 and during that time a number of construction projects have been completed on the Beatrice campus under his direction including a new learning center that opened this past year.

Morgan says the way classes are taught has changed over the years. He says the new facilities will help the colleges stay up to date and provide the educational programs and services that students are needing today.

"When I first started you had a classroom and as long as you had tables and chairs and a chalkboard you were fine. But now facilities are a very important part of students as they make their choice of where they want to go and what they would like, and so we really have to continue to evolve in nicer facilities and some programming because they want to do some things outside of there in the social world. I think those were some challenges that I saw that I maybe couldn’t  quite overcome as much as I like, but I think there are some steps that the college will continue to take to make sure that does happen”.

While speaking on K-W-B-E Tuesday morning, Morgan says he will miss a lot of things after he leaves in late May.  He says he will miss the staff of the Beatrice campus….a group he refers to as family….

“I probably will miss the most the Beatrice campus family. I spent a lot of time on the Lincoln campus and then moved down here. It’s a smaller campus and we all look out for each other. It’s a really fun family atmosphere. Whenever I send out my Beatrice campus notes to the campus, that is how I start it out “Beatrice Family” because that is what they really have become.”

Morgan says his future plans include playing golf and spending time with his five grandchildren.