Missouri River to rise again this week

OMAHA – River levels on the Elkhorn River are dropping and now attentions in Nebraska turn toward the Missouri River, which officials say could see significant flooding again this week.

The National Weather Service says flooding on the Missouri is expected throughout Nebraska from Sioux City down to Rulo.

Forecasters are keying on three spots in the state that could get hit the hardest. In Blair, the river reached flood stage Monday morning and is expected to crest sometime Thursday at 29.1 feet, the 4th highest crest on record. That will likely mean flooding again at the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, which was shut down for months following the March floods.

The river is expected to crest in Brownville at about 39.5 feet on Saturday. That’s nowhere near what that area saw in March, but will likely be enough for officials with Nebraska Public Power District to be on alert as the water will likely inch close to the Cooper Nuclear Power Plant.

The river isn’t expected to crest in Rulo until sometime Sunday, hitting 22 feet. That will likely create flooding and standing water on riverfront properties on the Nebraska side.