Minden Food Truck Serves America’s Truckers

GIBBON – With America’s supply chain under more pressure than ever, food trucks can be helpful for any trucker in a rush to get to their destination.

One truck off the Interstate 80 exit in Gibbon, says with the spread of COVID-19, some truckers might have a hard time finding a place that’s open to eat.

Hangries, originally from Minden, promises to serve the drivers in the most convenient place possible, a truck stop.

Owner Chad Christensen says it’s his honor to serve the truckers during a time when they are needed most.

“Without them, you’re not going to get food supplies, medical supplies, supplies in general. Most everybody knows what American truckers do. They take care of us and if it isn’t for them, there’s not a lot of products going out. It’s good to keep them going.”

Christensen says he’s seen a good amount of business at this location.

He’s even had a good samaritan pay it forward so other truckers can get a free meal.