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Memorial Day at the Lake Maloney

NORTH PLATTE - On Memorial Day, people are taking advantage of the time off by going to Lake Maloney. This includes fishing by the pier, swimming, and soaking in the sun.

Lake Maloney is popular for its boating, fishing, water sports, camping and family fun. The lake also have nice,shady spots for camping, grilling and picnicking. Amanda Beall said she is enjoying the weather on this Memorial Day.

“I like the nice weather as long as...the sun being fogged up by the clouds. But the weather is nice. I like to get out more,” Amanda Beall, enjoying Lake Maloney

Beall said that she enjoys fishing and looking for mushrooms too. “Hoping to get fishing done. We look for mushrooms,” Beall said.

Olivia Hoover said that she enjoys visiting the cemeteries.

“I think it’s good to go see some cemeteries and stuff. It’s been pretty good, so far." Olivia Hoover, enjoying Memorial Day at the lake

Lake Maloney six miles south of North Platte on Highway 83. It is a popular place for boating, fishing, water sports, camping and family fun. There are nice, shady spots for camping, grilling, and picnicking.