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McCook woman convicted of manslaughter in husband’s shooting death

McCook, Neb. (KSNB) - A McCook woman who said she suffered physical abuse for 30 years will be sentenced next month for killing her husband.

Lavetta Langdon, 80, pleaded no contest to felony manslaughter on June 1 and will be sentenced July 12 for that conviction. The max penalty for felony manslaughter is 20 years in prison.

McCook police arrested Langdon in August of last year after finding Larry Langdon, 79, shot to death in his bedroom. The woman told investigators that her husband had hit her on both cheeks during a fight about money. After she’d been hit, Langdon told investigators that she snuck into her husband’s room, took a loaded handgun and shot him in the chest.

The woman told investigators that she’d been the victim of domestic violence for 30 years and that she had been hit that day with a closed fist.

Prosecutors had originally charged Langdon with murder and a weapons charges. Those charges were changed to manslaughter in exchange for Langdon’s no contest plea.