Mayor Of Fairbury Asks Residents To Conserve Water After Possible Water Main Break

UPDATE FROM CITY OF FAIRBURY (1:45 PM WEDNESDAY): The water level in the water tower is rising and is now above 41’.  However, at the advice of the Water Superintendent and approval of the Mayor, the water emergency will remain in effect until tomorrow morning (June 17).

The root cause of the issue has not yet been confirmed.

FAIRBURY, NE — The Fairbury water tower is seeing large amounts of water being released from the transmission lines.

 At 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday, the Water Superintendent was notified and the team is still identifying the potential cause of the water release.

Mayor Spencer Brown says that residents need to reduce the amounts of water being used until the issue is identified. 

Little Blue Public Water Project customers are also being asked to conserve water as well. 

The Fairbury water tower is used to maintaining at least 40 feet of water, but the tower is currently lower than the necessary amount.

The City of Fairbury will keep you abreast of any updates through the media and the City of Fairbury’s website at