Marlon Brando street signs: An offer Omaha could not refuse

You may not know it, and you’re apparently not alone, Marlon Brando was born in Omaha in 1924.

A Brando fan recently asked the city to rename a stretch of 32nd and Pacific, where Brando was born, after the legendary actor.

The city council was scheduled to vote on the renaming Tuesday but the item was pulled when it was discovered that the street was renamed for Brando 18 years ago.

Part of the confusion appears tied to the fact that the Brando street sign was believed stolen some time ago and never replaced.

The city is now set to make new signs and install them.

According to the city, the Brando fan will pay for the signs and the installation.

Obviously an offer the city could not refuse.

Brando, best known for his role in the Godfather, died in 2004.