Market Street collision in Beatrice, injures driver

BEATRICE – One person was injured in a collision Friday morning where a sport utility vehicle struck a parked vehicle in east Beatrice.
Police and Beatrice Fire and Rescue were sent to the scene along Market Street just before 8 a.m.

"The red SUV was going east on Market Street and ran into a parked Jeep in the eleven hundred block of Market, which then sent the Jeep into a tan van that was parked about a hundred and fifty feet down the block."

Beatrice Police Sergeant Wes Henning says investigators were looking into whether a medical episode involving the driver, factored into the collision. The driver was being treated at the scene, before being taken to Beatrice Community Hospital.

The eastbound SUV struck the parked Jeep along the north side of Market Street, which is a one-way for eastbound travel.  Market Street was blocked between 11th and 12th while police and fire officials were on the scene.

The driver was alone in the sport utility vehicle. There were no occupants in the parked vehicles.