Madison, Norfolk law enforcement team up to cut costs

NORFOLK, Neb. - Dispatch centers in northeast Nebraska are combining to cut costs.

Norfolk's city council approved plans Monday to continue the police station's redesign.

The renovation comes after an agreement to combine Madison's dispatch center with Norfolk's.

"Dispatch centers are very expensive to run," said Chief Don Miller with the Norfolk Police Division. "As Sheriff [Todd] Volk and I looked at it, it made sense to join our dispatch centers so that we can avoid some of the redundancies of resources and in the long run both save some money for the community."

Miller said phase one includes in-house renovations, as they are taking out the classroom and conference room to make one big dispatch center.

Miller said Norfolk Fire and Rescue allowed officers to use its classroom.

"For the things that it's appropriate for, some of our training stuff might not be appropriate there. We'll have to find other locations. As far as conference rooms, we'll have to find some place to go. We don't have a conference room left in our building."

Miller said the goal would be to do an addition onto the building to make-up for the shortcomings.

But for now, designs are underway and they look forward to putting it to bid in the next couple weeks.