Madison man facing numerous charges goes missing

MADISON, Neb. -- A Madison man with criminal charges piling up against him seems to be missing as of Monday.

Now, officials are issuing a warrant for his arrest.

21-year-old Nathaniel Mahlin was scheduled to appear in Madison County District Court Monday, after a DUI and drug possession arrest August 14th in Stanton County.

He posted bond, and a relative later told the court that Mahlin was in a hospital seeking mental health treatment. The hospital, however, told the court that this was not the case.

Of the nine Madison County charges against Mahlin, six are felonies, the most serious of which is first-degree sexual assault. He also faces child abuse and theft charges, amount to a potential 82 years in prison.

Mahlin is scheduled for a jury trial for each of his district court cases on Monday, November 8.