Madison County approves budget for historical society as contentious talks continue

MADISON, Neb. -- After months of back and forth, Madison County has approved a budget to be voted on for the Madison County Historical society. 

Talks over the budget began back in July after Madison County expressed concerns over how taxpayer's money was being used by the historical society. What followed were meetings where both sides tried to state their case on how they wanted the budget to look like. However, the decision was made to create a budget for the historical society as well as some guidelines on how the money would he spent. 

"We've had several info meetings back and forth, we -- I -- believe are making some headway, but at this point we will have an agreement in place before we pay any of those funds to them, following our agreement of what we require those funds to be spent on," Madison County Chairman Troy Uhlir Said. "It will be up to them to meet those requirements. They're really not forthcoming with a real budget, just showing us expenses from prior years, not the future. Since they're not fully disclosing, we will make commitment to $15,000, but it will be based on an agreement that we will only agree on certain expenses." 

The budget was agreed upon by all on the board, and will be finalized with other budgets in September.