Lutheran High Northeast announces new science labs and Ag. building for the future

NORFOLK, Neb.-- New additions are coming to the Lutheran High Northeast school.

The school announced recently that it will include agriculture and vocational building, and a new, up-to-date science lab.

The subjects of agriculture, vo-tech, and science continue to be a growing need in northeast Nebraska, and the ability of Lutheran High Northeast to be able to offer these types of programs was highly important among current and future students and their families.

Daniel Sievert, who is the principal, told NCN he knows the interests in those fields are continuing to grow and it was important to address it.

"It seemed like there was a great interest in ag education and vo-tech. So, as we went down that road, we were waiting for the right educator for the program. We met with Dr. Hafer, who started agriculture education this past fall. Then, as we did the planning study, we realized there was a lot of people wanting the program but hopefully some generosity in donating to fund a building," added Sievert.

Dr. Hafer, who is the agricultural educator who was an important piece in making all of this happen, thinks a lot of students are really excited about the new additions.

"I do. We actually have had quite a few students that I didn't think would have any interest, and they joined classes this year and hadn't last year. A lot of them have interests in those different vocations. I think it's just cause they don't know a lot about it. It's just something different, something new, something to explore," said Hafer.

The new additions are expected to cost $3.4 million dollars with support expected to come from individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations to help meet the cost.

The goal is to begin construction by the end of the fall and have it completed by January 2023.