LPD: Man arrested with woman’s purse, Southern Comfort shooters

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Just before noon on Sunday, police were called for a burglary at the 1300 block of N 54th Street. 

When the officers arrived, they spoke with a 43-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman, who both reported that while in their bedroom they heard their back door opening. 

Police say that when the couple left their room to investigate, they found the suspect, 28-year-old Baron Collier, holding the woman's purse in the living room. 

Collier fled the home and a neighbor reported seeing the man going through the stolen purse on their back steps. 

Officers say they searched the area and found Collier, who had matched the description given by both the couple and neighbors, behind Ken's Kegs. Officers brought him back to the scene of the robbery, and he was identified as the person responsible. 

Police say they found the victim's belongings on Collier's person along with a 12-pack of Southern Comfort shooters. They say they learned that Collier had just been inside Ken's Keg and had stolen the shooters. 

Officers canvased the area, a neighbor of the couple reported seeing the man trespassing on his property before watching him enter the victim's yard.

Another neighbor was in his room, and heard sound coming from within his home. When this neighbor investigated, he found Collier standing in his living room.

Police say they found the back door had been kicked in and damaged, however nothing was stolen. 

Collier was arrested for burglary, criminal mischief, shoplifting, and two counts of trespassing. He was also arrested for a robbery he had committed July 22.