Lou & Mary Anne’s closing the tab

BEE -- A popular bar outside of Lincoln will be closing officially on July 11.

Lou & Mary Anne's Bar brought families together in Bee for fish fries and drinks for almost five decades. The town, with a population of about 200, has no other business in town -- unless you consider the post office. It was a source of community. 

But it was also popular for those outside of Bee. People drove from out of state to try the popular food, and those considered 'regulars' drive from as far as 40 minutes away.

The owners drawing in such a crowd moved here in 1974. But after many years of building a reputation as friendly neighbors in Bee, Nebraska, Lou died two months ago at 92 years old. His wife had passed shortly before. 

"We knew when Lou went, he was taking the bar with him," said one Bee resident, Terri Shipley.

Shipley went to the bar as far back as her childhood. Her kids grew up on it, too. 

"It was a place to gather not just for drinks but in the morning people would go for coffee," Ron Truhlicka said. 

Others swung by the stop Saturday (July 10) to grab a drink and a chat, but found a note; the outage from Friday night's thunderstorm prompted employees to close it.

Now, Sunday will be the official last-chance to say goodbye.