Local artist paints in unique style

NORFOLK, Neb. -A local artist in Norfolk is using spray paint to make his mark.

Tyler Bergman has been painting for three years, but he says he's always been an artist.

"Ever since I can remember I've been drawing," Bergman said. "In school, I'd get in trouble for drawing in my notebook and not taking notes."

Bergman describes his style as crazy, psychedelic, and vibrant. It turns out a lot of Nebraskans like crazy.

"I got some more jobs around town," Bergman said. "I just kind of blew up and I'm very grateful that people like what I do and my style." 

Unlike the artist who painted the beloved Johnny Carson mural in downtown Norfolk, Bergman says he doesn't plan his paintings.

"Everyone always asks me like 'hey, what are you drawing?'," said Bergman. "I don't know. I just kind of start something and if it looks good, I just go with it."

Bergman hopes to keep painting and keep improving.

"Looking back two years where I was and two years to now, it's like I'm a completely different artist and person," Bergman said.

For more information on how to browse his work including, posters and stickers for sale, click HERE