LNK airport announces terminal expansion, modernization

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Lincoln Airport Authority announced its LNK NEXT terminal-modernization project.

This will update amenities at the 50-year-old terminal, add two new gates to expand airport capacity, leave room for additional expansion, and add infrastructure to allow TSA to run full pre-checks.

The airport said the renovation will also consolidate the ticket counters and allow for food-and-beverage services, including the Flyers Club, post-security.

Lincoln’s Sampson Construction teamed up with Christman Construction out of Michigan and were selected to serve as the construction manager-at-risk.

Work on the terminal is expected to begin in spring 2021 and take about 14-18 months to finish, putting completion into the second half of 2022.

Consolidating the airline ticket counters in the departure-flight area will enhance passenger flow and simplify future expansion, according to airport officials.

The project also will reposition the baggage claim and rental-car counters to enhance traffic on level one of the airport facility.

Since the terminal was designed in 1974, its split-use, disconnected layout has required two fully staffed security checkpoints and two separate checked-baggage facilities.

Airport officials say consolidating the checkpoints and bag-screening facilities will add efficiency to the passenger experience through minimized bag movement and reduction in the number of times personnel would have to be split up.