Lincoln COVID-19 risk dial now in elevated yellow

LINCOLN, Neb. -- For the second week in a row, the Lancaster County COVID-19 risk dial is moving in the wrong direction - now to elevated yellow. 

According to data from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, daily case averages have, in the month of August, reached 68 per day. 

That's a 655 percent increase since the first week of July when the average was just nine per day. 

Since the beginning of July, the rolling daily average of hospitalizations in Lincoln have also quadrupled. 

Dr. Ali Piper, a pulmonologist and critical care physician in Lincoln, elaborated on what she's seen first-hand. 

In encouraging vaccinations and mask wearing, she says ignoring the pandemic is not an option. 

"I would not continue to show up and fight this disease day-after-day if I didn't care about you or your children," said Dr. Piper. "I would not ask you to put on a mask and get a vaccine if I didn't think it was absolutely necessary in order to halt this search nor is it too late."