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Lincoln County and the 2nd Amendment

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - At least one Lincoln County Commissioner says he will vote to preserve 2nd Amendment rights in Lincoln County. In an exclusive interview, Chairman of the Lincoln County Commissioners Kent Weems told News 2 that he cannot speak for the board, but he feels confident the commissioners will put the notion of being a sanctuary county for 2nd Amendment rights on the Lincoln County Commissioners’ agenda. He believes it is something they will adopt.

“I have good confidence that we will support that.” - Chairman Lincoln County Commissioners Kent Weems

Weems added that a resolution to support 2nd Amendment rights to “own firearms and protect yourself and your family,” is certainly something he supports.

“An adoption of a resolution is more symbolic than anything, but nevertheless it’s very important that people back east know how firmly we believe in the 2nd Amendment in the flyover world. The Supreme Court would be the last world, and even though most of us are fairly confident Supreme Court would be in our camp these days, nevertheless, the message needs to be sent that we do not want that right trifled with. It’s very important that we let those folks in Washington D.C. know, but let our own constituents know, that we are certainly in their camp in this regard.” - Chairman Lincoln County Commissioners Kent Weems

Veteran and Senator Tom Brewer explains that in Nebraska, if counties want, by a vote of a majority of their County Commissioners, counties may go on record as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County. Then, the county is added to the list of others also voting likewise.

A look at a map from the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association shows counties in green already claiming 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status. Those in yellow have the resolution on their agenda, and those in gray have not taken any action yet.

Weems says he feels confident this issue will be on the Lincoln County Commissioners’ agenda in the next thirty to sixty days.