Lights, Camera, Learn: WSC adds new film school

WAYNE, Neb. - A major change is coming to Wayne State College.

"We have students come in and say well 'I love film, but I'm majoring in electronic media because it's the next best thing,'" said Film Studies Adviser Dr. Mike White. "So now we can give them the best thing."

Dr. White says the new Film School is meeting the demand.

"We have state-of-the-art cameras and equipment," said Dr. White. "So we're equipped as well as any film school and we have facilities as good as most film schools."

A feature that is reeling students in.

"I was actually looking at a lot of film programs," said WSC Senior Ally Boyd.

Boyd said she looked at the few film programs offered back home near Omaha.

"None of those schools looked like it was for me," said Boyd.

But then she discovered Wayne.

"I absolutely fell in love with the whole program," said Boyd.

The new program sets itself apart through the experiences it offers.

"Students are on-set literally in the first two weeks that they're here," said Dr. White.

"There's this whole like wall of posters of student films," said WSC sophomore Blake Bodlak. "I remember seeing them and being like, 'students made all these?' and [Dr. White] was like 'yes, 100 percent, they do everything on these movies and if you make your own movie you can be on this wall of posters.'" 

Now, Bodlak has made his mark with his film Connor and Annie.

"I'm kind of hoping now that we are going to see filmmakers from this program make films that matter," said Dr. White.