“Light smoke” triggers smoke alarms in Norfolk home

NORFOLK, Neb. - An investigation is underway after smoke alarms went off at a home in northeast Nebraska.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue crews got a call Monday afternoon to a home on Park Avenue east of town.

Officials said they were called about smoke in the basement of a house, where smoke alarms were going off.

"They were able to shut the power off which stopped the smoldering," said Lieutenant Nathan Wortmann, with Norfolk Fire and Rescue. "We were able to get it cleared out and no further damage than that. We are investigating the fire at this time to figure out what happened."

Wortmann said they were able to shut the power off within minutes and only minimal damage was reported.

Wortmann said there were no visible flames and no injuries reported.

He said there were two residents in the house at the time of the smoke.