LENRD proposes a game-changing resolution to nitrate levels

NORFOLK -- The movement to lower nitrate concentrations in northeast Nebraskan water continues to slowly progress. The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District proposed a game-changing resolution Thursday night, asking its members to agree to protect the water.

A motion was made to postpone the resolution until August.

The board agreed — but still, the meeting continued as Mike Sousek tried to discern what the opposition was.

“The resolution didn’t really say how we were going to address it, it was more of the position that this is our responsibility,” Sousek, LENRD’s general manager, said.

But farmers on the board expressed fear of the unknown and concerns about the cost of the future regulations.

“The resolution I think caught some board members a little by surprise. Sometimes it’s best to postpone to make sure folks are comfortable with that decision,” Mark Hall, board chair.

Board chair Mark Hall said as a former airfare commander, a good leader is welcoming of open conversation and patient on difficult decisions. He and the LENRD will just wait until August to propose the resolution again.

Hall recommends all farmers and landowners test their waters.