Lawmakers react to Herbster critique on candidate Pillen

FALLS CITY - In a Facebook post Saturday, Republican governor candidate Charles Herbster said it is no surprise the Lincoln establishment is rallying to defend a pro-illegal immigration candidate.

He provided a link to an article, that said Republican governor candidate Jim Pillen is subject a lawsuit. A former employee claims he lost his job because he refused to participate in the hiring of undocumented workers.

Herbster said, if the news report is true, Pillen has not business governing the state.

A group called Nebraska Conservatives referenced an email from Herbster it called a false attack.

A press release on Friday quotes three state senators in defense of Pillen.

 Sen. Lou Ann Linehan (R-LD 39) says she has been involved in public service for 30 years.

Linehan: : " No one knows what Charles Herbster believes. The first we heard of him is when he came back from Missouri and wanted to be Governor. Now, he is falsely attacking Jim Pillen, who has a long record of supporting conservative candidates and causes and of conservative community service. There is no question who is the conservative choice for Nebraska Governor." 

Sen.Suzanne Geist said she is disappointed to see negative campaigning for governor.