Kerrey: It’s ‘possible’ a January 6 Commission won’t blame Trump

Is it possible to investigate the US Capitol riots on January 6 and not blame President Trump?

The answer is yes, according to former Nebraska Senator and Governor Bob Kerrey.

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Kerrey, a Democrat and a member of the 9/11 Commission, also tells NCN that a January 6 Commission is a must in order to fix a “real weakness in our system.”

NCN: Is it possible to reach a conclusion (regarding Jan. 6) without putting some blame on President Trump?

KERREY: I think it’s possible. Look…the more important question is should the House of Representatives, once the Electoral College has done its work at the state level, is it a formality or can they actually contest it based upon somebody saying that…the election was fraudulent. That’s never happened before.

The Democratic controlled House joined by 35 Republicans—including Nebraska Congressmen Don Bacon and Jeff Fortenberry—has voted for the Commission but Senate approval appears far less likely.