Judge sets legal briefs deadline in Worldlawn Power Equipment lawsuit

BEATRICE – A judge has given parties until July 21st to submit briefs in a case brought by a Beatrice lawn and turf equipment maker against Mississippi individuals and companies.

Gage County District Judge Rick Schreiner set that deadline in an action brought by Worldlawn Power Equipment against Power Distributors LLC, Covington County Supply LLC, Petal Outdoors LLC and American Salvage and Outdoor Power LLC.

The suit names two individuals as defendants...Vennit Mathis Sr. and Vennit Mathis the Second.

Attorneys argued Wednesday whether or not some of the entities had any direct contact with Worldlawn. 

The company filed suit last year over a distributor agreement.  Worldlawn contends an agreement, dated December 23rd, 2016 was finalized after Power Distributors had been dissolved under Mississippi state laws, May 16th of that year.

Worldlawn had appointed Power Distributors LLC as its only authorized distributorship to buy Worldlawn products, which would then be sold in an assigned territory.  

The lawsuit alleged the defendant companies were inadequately capitalized, were insolvent and that two principals with the company diverted funds or assets for their own use.  The lawsuit states that the companies were “a mere façade” for personal dealings of the two principals.

Worldlawn is suing for $477,000 in purchase orders, plus interest accruing since April 8th, 2019.

Wednesday’s hearing was on a defense motion to dismiss the lawsuit.