Jorn resignation leaves Falls City visioning city administration

FALLS CITY – Falls City will explore its options for city administration following the resignation of City Clerk/Administrator Gary Jorn.

Jorn told the city council Monday he is resigning his position effective Aug. 13 to continue his education.

Jorn: “I really enjoyed my job here at the city and thoroughly enjoyed what has been accomplished in the 14 years I’ve been here, but I’m actually at a point where, if I want to go back to school, I need to make that decision today, and not tomorrow.”

Jorn: “It’s been a pleasure to serve the many councils and the mayors that I have served.”

He said he first started working for the city when former Falls City banker Rod Vandeberg was mayor.

Jorn: “I thought, If I could make it five years my son gets graduated and I’d be set to do whatever I wanted, 14 years later here I am. It’s been a good ride and I wish the council and the mayor well. Hopefully you can find someone and replace this position to keep Falls City moving progressively forward.”

Councilman Mitch Merz said the city should consider its strategy for administration going forward.

Merz: “When I first read Gary’s resignation letter and he says he’s resigning from this position, this position and this position, I’m like wait a second, maybe this is more than one job title.”

In addition to his role as city administrator, Jorn is city clerk/treasurer and performs building inspections and flood plain zoning. He has also taken over responsibilities of the city engineer when that position became vacant due to retirement.

Mayor Shawna Bindle said the city will be looking locally to see if it can fill positions of a city manager and a separate city clerk. She offered her appreciation for Jorn’s help as she settled in to the mayor’s position.

Bindle: “Gary Jorn will be greatly missed. He has been a champion for Falls City the last 14 years and I’ve definitely seen that in the last few years that I’ve been mayor.”

The city council voted to advertise for a city manager position.