Jefferson County Law Enforcement Committee meets for first time under new structure

FAIRBURY, NE — There is now structure to conversations about law enforcement in Jefferson County.

The county’s law enforcement committee met for the first time after officials negotiated the continuation of a 10-year contract for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to police the city of Fairbury. The Sheriff’s Office has patrolled the city since the Fairbury Police Department dissolved in 2018.

During contract talks in June, both sides voiced concerns, with the county worried about rising costs and the city interested in increased traffic enforcement. City Councilman John Ebke says new Sheriff Nick Georgi has done a good job addressing speeding issues.

“When you took over, I noticed that there was a marked difference in - I saw multiple (patrol) cars in about the first week to couple weeks,” Ebke said.

The committee was part of the original contract but had only met once over three years. Now, the committee plans to meet quarterly. It includes the city council’s public safety committee, the Sheriff, the county commissioners and some handpicked residents. Multiple committee members stressed the importance of continued communication and hope the meetings can be a forum for that.

The committee plans to meet on a Tuesday at 6:30 once every three months. The meetings will be advertised in accordance with Open Meetings Act laws. The next meeting is scheduled for October 26.