International footwear business announces partnership with Sidney company

SIDNEY, NE — A company in Sidney has a new partnership with a retailer that sells footwear across the globe. 

Timberland recently announced a deal with Recircled with the goal of entering the circular economy. 

According to a news release from Timberland, customers will be able to return any of the brand's footwear, apparel or accessories to a Timberland store starting in August. The garments will either be repaired and refurbished for sale on a dedicated re-commerce platform or upcycled into future products. Following the U.S. launch, the take-back program is expected to go worldwide in Spring 2022. 

The company also plans to introduce a ship-from-home option, making it easier for consumers to participate. 

Timberland's new take-back program was developed with Recircled, who recently began operations in Sidney at the former Cabela's distribution center. Recircled will handle the recycling and refurbishing process. 

In the news release, Timberland says this is a part of the company's goal to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030.