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Indian Meadows Golf Course in North Platte facing thousands of dollars in damage

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department is reporting updates in the Indian Meadows Golf Course Vandalism case.

Following at least 20 interviews, the Department is reporting additional arrests. As of Thursday, August 19, four additional citations were issued, all to young people under the age of 18. Intentionally destroying property, this list includes a 15-year old boy from North Platte, and from Sutherland a 14-year old boy, 15-year old boy, and a 17-year old boy.

The Sheriff’s Department is reporting they believe the Sutherland kids came to the golf course after the initial destruction of property, accompanying one of the original offenders. Each is facing Felony Criminal Mischief charges and are released to their parents.

The current estimated damage to property and equipment is $58,000.