Illegal drug, impersonation charges filed in Richardson County

FALLS CITY – Four cases charging drug offenses and one felony criminal impersonation have been filed in Richardson County.

Richardson County Sheriff Rick Hardesty was notified by a confidential informant regarding a text message that said Chance Simon, 37, had methamphetamine for sale.

The sheriff set up a controlled buy near Chase Street, providing $50. The sheriff says the informant purchased meth from Simon last October.

Kami Donahoo, 27, of Falls City is charged with possession of meth on April 4. A sheriff’s deputy says he found a Q-tip with meth residue in a car. The deputy said the car was stopped along Highway 159 with a flat tire and he smelled the odor of marijuana.

Jillian Slama, 21, of Falls City is charged with possession of THC oil on April 7.

Travis Ross of Humboldt is charged with possession and resisting arrest on March 20.

A sheriff’s deputy says Ross was driving under suspension in Humboldt. The deputy said Ross resisted arrest and illegal drugs were found in his pocket.

A felony criminal impersonation charge is filed against Robert Dahl, 36.

Falls City police made a traffic stop on Feb. 22 and the driver provided his name as Patrick Dahl.

The police department learned, however, that Dahl was working in Cincinatti on that day. Police say a photograph provided by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office helped identified the driver at Dahl’s brother, Robert.