‘I don’t want to get sick’: 7-year-old participates in vaccine trial

HASTINGS, Neb. -The CDC made a major announcement Friday: Kids who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear a mask when they return to school.

There are still a lot of kids who are not eligible yet, but a pediatric vaccine trial underway in Nebraska is working to change that.

7-year-old Ruby Quinn described her experience in a COVID-19 vaccine trial and just why she did it

"Because I don't want other people to get sick and I don't want to get sick," said Ruby.

Ruby's mom Jessica, says she started in the trial in Hastings back in June, a decision not taken lightly.

??"I wasn't sure at first," said Jessica. "We put a lot of thought into it. We did our own research as well and asked the doctors a lot of questions."??

In the end, Jessica said it was all up to Ruby. 

"She jumped right up and wanted to do it," said Jessica.

Ruby, now fully vaccinated, is one of over 150 children participating in the pediatric trials at Meridian Clinical Research.??

"My hats off to these kids," said Dr. Daniel Leonard, with the Children and Adolescent Clinic. "Kids are way better citizens than any adult I know."

??Dr. Daniel Leonard looks out for adverse effects or any serious events requiring hospitalization throughout the trials.??

"Fortunately my phone is not blowing up with parents who are concerned, prolonged fevers or weird rashes or kids acting out of all sorts from the vaccine."

??Despite the trial's success, the process still has a long way to go.? Vaccines for kids under 12 may not get approval for several months.