High school hoops teams converge on Bridgeport to test skills against each other

BRIDGEPORT, NE — Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean it’s the offseason. High school basketball teams from three states are in Bridgeport Friday and Saturday to refine their skills.

"You know, everyone showed up on time for the first game," Bridgeport basketball coach Sean Sterkel said.  "That usually sets the tone for how the rest of the camp is going to go, but I think we had a good turnout."

Nearly 80 scrimmages will be played at Bridgeport High School those two days. Sterkel says it gives players a chance take on new challenges from teams they may have never played against.

"It allows the players to be in check out there," Sterkel said. "You're going to have to figure it out a little bit. We can help you out with timeouts, but it just allows them to figure it out and play basketball."

Morrill boys basketball coach John Boswell says he’s grateful for the opportunity to bring players to this event. He enjoyed seeing many panhandle teams well represented.

"Bridgeport basketball, you know, putting on a great event here," Boswell said. "Three different states, multiple teams, quality basketball, quality refs. It's been a honor to see our communities join together to better our young men and prepare for the Winter season."

The caliber of the non-Nebraskan teams cannot be understated, though. They’re providing a good challenge for players from the Cornhusker state.

"I think it's a good experience having teams like Goodland, Kansas here and Yuma, Colorado who has won state titles," Sterkel said. "There's a lot of good competition here."

All the teams may be competing against one another, but they’re all working toward the same goal. Improving and prepping for the upcoming season.

"It's good to play against bigger schools, bigger kids and similar schools as well," Boswell said. "For our guys at Morrill, we're trying to develop one day at a time, get better and have a winning mentality."