‘He’s a miracle’: Man collapses, credits bystanders for saving his life

HUMPHREY, Neb. - A shocking moment in Humphrey earlier this month, as a young man suddenly collapsed in the middle of a baseball game.

Thanks to some nearby help, 28-year-old Shawn Korth is alive after going four minutes without a pulse.

"I didn't think he was going to make it so I wanted to be there to hold his hand for his last moments but it was hard because I was getting pulled away," said Shawn's fiance Kailie McDermott. 

Seven bystanders with medical backgrounds rushed over to help.

"The next thing I remember...I was getting a breath of CPR...which felt really weird," said Shawn.

After five rounds of CPR, the EMTs were on the scene. 

"If no one would've been there to start initiating the CPR within the six-minute frame until we got there, it could've been a different ballgame," said Jim Wiehm, with Humphrey Fire and Rescue.

Korth made it to Columbus Community Hospital.

He has had congenital heart disease since he was a baby, but his doctor said the V-FIB had nothing to do with that. Korth had an ICD pacemaker put in after the incident.

"I didn't see a light, it was pretty black, so I think I better change my ways so I can go towards the light next time," said Korth.

Korth is not the only one making changes.

Albion put an AED at its baseball field because of Korth's experience. Shawn's family is going to be taking CPR certification classes as well.

"Considering the time and the place, he's a miracle," said Katie McPhillips, RN with Bryan Heart.