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Heritage Festival emphasizes importance of history

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -From June 12 to June 13, people who attended the Lincoln County Historical Museum’s Heritage Festival had the opportunity to travel back in time. The Heritage Festival was all about teaching, learning and engaging with Nebraska history.

“You get to have fun listening to music and eating great foods and such, but then you get to see the things that grew this area of the country,” said Museum Curator and Director Jim Griffin. “We are showcasing the history that has been brought to us to preserve and letting the community see it.”

Attendees were able to see history unfold before their eyes and even learn hands-on with various activities such as rope making. There were also antique cars so people can see the history under the hood. The historical buildings at the museum each have a story to tell and there were people sharing the history that lies within the walls. The Heritage Festival encourages people to learn about the history of how they came to be in Nebraska.