Hearing from Nebraskan gymnasts: Combating competition pressures

 NORFOLK, Neb. - Experts, athletes, and fans continue to react to the decision of Simone Biles to withdraw from the Olympic competition.

In northeast Nebraska, some young gymnasts can relate to the pressures of competition.

"Sometimes I'm really nervous," said Macy Means, an Advanced Optional gymnast.

Getting in the right head-space is a challenge these girls at the Norfolk YMCA Gymnastics Center can relate to.

"Especially beam, because beam is that one thing you don't want to mess up on and wobble on," said Novice Optional gymnast Ruby Wilson. "So having that adrenaline makes me super nervous to go up."

"The pressures are something that's really hard to train out of a gymnast," said YMCA Gymnastics Coordinator Jenna Krienert.

These athletes are finding strength in each other.

"I usually talk to my teammates, they calm me down," said Means.

Biles joins other high-profile athletes who have been talking openly about mental health.

"I know that even if I do fall or I mess up a little bit, it's not the end of the world," said Means. 

Each step, or tumble, takes them one step closer to the high bar they've set for themselves.

"I want to get a college scholarship and go to the Olympics," said 11-year-old Ginger Huttmann. 

The gymnastics legend has four more opportunities to compete next week in the event finals.

Biles has not publicly commented on the finals but will be evaluated daily to assess her participation.